Cincinnati Bengals

who dey

The Bengals-Colts game was yesterday at 1:00 and I had such an amazing time…Nothing beats watching a competitive game with your friends and fans, especially when you are supporting your team at the competitor’s turf.  We absolutely loved being obnoxious in the Colts Stadium… we didn’t say anything bad about them because they are actually really good, but we definitely made it known we were cheering for Chad Ocho-Smokin-Hotto and Mr. Benson.  By the time we reached half-time, our voices were probably a little drained and we accumlated tons of elder friends sitting in our section.   The score wasn’t in Cincinnati’s favor, but what Cincinnati does have over the Colts is a way better HOME GAME ENVIRONMENT.  Colts fans tend to sit down, stay quiet, stare at Payton’s every move, and only cheer when the “Big Screen” tells them to.  Pish  Posh.  When you go to a Bengals game you will find the crowd cheers without direction, people stand, and fans don’t pee their pants when the other team scores.  I mean, sure, it can be extremely painful to watch “your” team continue to throw interceptions, fumble the ball, and collect way too many penalties.  The Bengals probably need a new coach and quarterback, BUT considering those two things aren’t going so well then the future is definitely looking up! haha. 

super fan

The final score was 23-17… of course the Bengals came out with a L, but my final conclusion is this…   CINCINNATI, OHIO > INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA.

who dey.


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25-year old graduate student. I live in Muncie, Indiana right now, but the thought of moving South has a tendency to pre-occupy my mind. I'm originally from Cincinnati, Ohio (hence the OHitypo). Go Buckeyes and I think most of my friends would say I am pretty random so I look forward to blog about my sweet adventures.
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