Kosher Does It

I had the lovely pleasure to pick one of my dearest friends from the airport today!!  Miss Annie Aiello is in town for Thanksgiving, woo.  It feels grown up doing something like that because I can still remember the day when the thought of flying “solo” was out of the question.  However, now it seems just like a fun adventure… Who will sit next to me? What fun activities can I do in the airport? Oh, and picking out all the people who are from a sunny place because they are much tanner the local Hoosiers.

Anyways, we decided to go to Shapiros Kosher Deli for lunch and I must say it may be my new favorite restaurant.  I wouldn’t even call it a restaurant because it is more like a local deli/cozy cafeteria/bakery… We were probably there for a solid two hours talking and staring at the desserts until we finally chose what one we wanted.  In fact, it took us so long to choose the baker man told us the place closes at 8:00 pm; it was only 1:30… haha.

Everything is That Good

I can’t tell you what is best because it was the first time going and it was amazing, but I would recommend going with a friend and picking out a few things to share because the portions are big and everything is delicious.

We split the Roasted Turkey on Rye (Indiana turkey and homemade rye bread…)

yep. it is good.

I want to go back tomorrow




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25-year old graduate student. I live in Muncie, Indiana right now, but the thought of moving South has a tendency to pre-occupy my mind. I'm originally from Cincinnati, Ohio (hence the OHitypo). Go Buckeyes and I think most of my friends would say I am pretty random so I look forward to blog about my sweet adventures.
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